CGF History

Curvy Girl Fitness was established in June, 2015. Upon earning my personal fitness certification through AFAA, I started CGF right from my garage. Within 2 days of launching CGF to the world, I had calls from several women who were ready to start a training program. I knew then that I had to move my business from my garage. I was very blessed to find a rental that had a “special room” that I used as my fitness studio.

For the next two years, my fitness business flourished as I worked by day as a full-time teacher, and after school and on weekends as a part-time fitness trainer. I have been lucky to have met wonderful people, mostly women, whom I have formed lasting friendships with as a result of them trusting me with their fitness goals.

CGF is here to stay and we have lots of new programs and resources for anyone who is ready to become healthy, fit, and fabulous!