Fall into Fitness

Hit the trails, breathe in the cool air, and enjoy the  scenery of fallen leaves. In my opinion, fall is the very best season to begin a new workout plan. One reason is that summer is over and there’s no distraction such as summer vacations that hinder people from working on themselves. Another reason fall is a great season to start is that the weather is just perfect. It’s not too hot and it’s not too cold outside. It’s the optimal season if you want to get out and take a stroll in the park, or jog along your favorite trail.

Instead of setting a New Year’s resolution, why not get a head start on that resolution by beginning between August and November. This time of year also helps you get your body and mind in check before the holiday season when most people have the tendency to over-indulge.

Curvy Girl Fitness has a Fall Fitness Challenge for the month of November. Comeback often and check out our weekly blog posts, fitness tips, and, meal ideas, and challenges for this month.

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